RIOS Open Source Week

1 – 4 december 2020

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Differences of Open Source

4 storytelling days about Open Source through the most reliable voices in this world, the customers’ feedback, technical workshops and focus on products and solutions.

We talk about enterprise business, the complexity of development models and business, the ethical value and the legal and security challenges from the perspective of the top insiders.

The first entirely online RIOS conference dedicated to Open Source world


Cybersecurity, Collaboration, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Native, DevOps+Sec, Development, IoT, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0, BigData, Analytics… all in an Open Source key.

4 days to talk with CTOs, business managers and technicians about how Open Source guaranteed by RIOS is able to cover any technological need of your company.

4 days dotted with content and testimonials of companies that changed their way of  making  business with Open Source and RIOS.

Special verticals for Customers segments

Governance, Banking and Finance, Industry and Manufacturing are the markets to which we’ll commit special tracks, showing vertical solutions through the voice of important case histories.

Product & Tech tracks

Gitlab, CouchBase, Rancher, NextCloud, Liferay, Plone; GeoLocal, Neo4j are just some of the international vendors that organize their italian stop-over at the open source week 2020.

Technical workshops

Technical workshops to get technicians involved in network technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Gitlab, Neo4j, Kafka, CouchBase, Istio and Kubernetes seen from inside with the most certificated staff that you can find in Italy.

Themes & Insights


The differences of Open Source

Open Source differences can represent an added value in a challenging economic and social context like the one we are experiencing at the moment. The possibility to access the code; the decentralized and collaborative development; the possibility to freely adapt it to specific needs; have affirmed the Open Source development model as the most effective.

The BIGs of IT, Public Administrations, large enterprises, banking and finance, SMEs, startups and venture capitalists will explain why the open source model is winning to face technological challenges in a different way.

During the day authoritative voices will tell how the differentiating features of open source are the foundation of information technology.



Public Administration

We will give you the necessary tools to orient yourself in the open source world. Speech on how to untangle AGID guidelines, software ownership, procurement processes are interspersed with important RIOS case histories on central and local PA.


Banking & Finance

The use of graph data bases, together with event-driven approaches, allow to find relationships between apparently disconnected elements: individuals, companies, money laundering, bank fraud analysis.



Our specific skills to present a stack of solutions that allow you to optimize the efficiency of your production from the analysis of the state of health of the machines, to image recognition for the recognition of manufacturing defects, end to augmented reality.

Products & technologies



The monitoring of Kubernetes with Rancher is part of the network offer, for the Operation world. Binario Etico with the support of the vendor will offer us an in-depth session on this technology.

Xstream Data

Seacom presents its vision of data management: Architecture, Data visualization & advanced search are the themes of this special Xstream.


In order to support needs of digital business, large volumes of complex data must be connected. This is why graph databases are best suited for scenarios where relationships are important. Accompanied by the experts of the world leading graph database technology, we will talk about the Italian market, the challenges for the future in Italy and the open source integration components developed in synergy between Neo4j and LARUS.


Gitlab is the first partnership entered into as RIOS: it is the platform that supports companies in the evolution of their IT department in their challenges. For three days we will introduce you to the platform, with more technical interventions from day to day.

Gitlab: introduction and methodologies


World Plone Day

XII edition of the Italian day dedicated to CMS Plone. Institution, public organizations and private companies meet to share their experiences on various scenarios: from the Web site to the Intranet.


The Italian launch of Nextcloud 2020 at the open source week. IT ServiceNet and Nextcloud accompany us in the new features of the most popular open source file sharing solution.


Gitlab: how to deal with DevSecOps themes

Products & Technologies



The network’s focus on geolocal: We make geography possible as a business key with the goal of supporting the geospatial industry and geographic information.


The topic of information systems security is perhaps the hottest topic of the last period for IT departments. The regulations in force (e.g. GDPR), but also operational requirements make it necessary for us to have our systems under monitoring. RIOS can say a lot about this topic.

Liferay O(pe)n AIR

Liferay is the open source CMS used to build portals, intranets and collaborative platforms. 


Couchbase is the leading NoSQL vendor in rapid adoption in organizations committed to meeting the need for great scalability and “always on” in critical environments. By developing solutions that allow companies to optimize their transformations in the digital business, Couchbase, in collaboration with LARUS, continues its expansion, firmly establishing itself in the Italian market. We will find out from their experts how to innovate the business.


Gitlab: technical workshop




& Artificial Intelligence


Kafka Confluent



Ceph & OpenShift & Kubernetes


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Open differences

All ethic and business challenges bound to open world through the most authoritative voices of this world



Technologies and product events

Open source principal world’s vendor choose the Open Source Week in order to organise their Italian stage to support companies in their technological challenges


Special for markets

Verticalizations that RIOS companies have been bringing to the market for years told by our customers: special PA – Finance & Banking – Industry & Manufacturing




Technology is made by technicians, and that’s why during Open Source Week we using products with workshop followed by specialised technicians

Our Partners

La Rete Italiana Open Source

RIOS is a companies’ network created to promote professional services and Open Source products, able to offer Enterprise level solutions.
RIOS represents a reference point in Italy for whoever wants to exploit Open Source benefits with the security, stability, support and guarantee of Enterprise level solutions.